Friday, August 11, 2017

Why I Outsource my Natural Deodorant Now

Raise your hand if you’re a mom of a toddler. Did you raise it and realize that you forgot to put deodorant on today? Yup, I do that more often than I dare to admit. But I am feeling much healthier about what I use to combat that stink these days. If you remember awhile back, like a real while back, I wrote a post on making your own natural deodorant, DIY Natural Deodorant. These days I don’t have time to make my own, but luckily I have found a product I can purchase that I really like. With a toddler and a full time job I have to choose my projects wisely. As much as I would like to make it myself, it’s a project that I have had to outsource. I will fully admit that before I went back to a natural deodorant I was using your typical antiperspirant, probably for the better; as a new mom I needed a little extra help keeping my appearance somewhat put together as I started a new job. I don’t run around any less than I did before but I don’t have to contend with a leaking chest and the occasional hot flash, so if my underarms sometime “glisten” I’m cool with it.

Before we go further lets take a minute and asks our selves why do we even use deodorant? Have you ever thought about it? Where and when did smelling "fresh" become a thing? You may be shocked but we only have to go back about one hundred years. Mum appeared on the market in 1888 as the first trademarked deodorant. Deodorants and antiperspirants did not catch on as a necessary hygiene item until 1919 when Odorono made their product a name for itself by creating a print ad depicting sweating as a serious embarrassment. It worked because here we are today lining our medicine cabinets with fresh smelling deodorant and antiperspirants to make sure we don't embarrass ourselves and smell in front of others. I think we are all better for it.

This brings us to a few months ago when I was in need of deodorant and standing in Target looking at all my options, I landed on Schmidt’s Natural Deodorant stick in the lovely scent of lavender and sage. I read the label and really liked what was NOT in it. The scent wasn’t too overpowering either so I figured why not give it a try. Very glad I did because it works great for me.
I was going to give you a review of what is awesome about this product, but as the universe works its magic and I sit here and debate even doing an updated Natural Deodorant post, a new website came into my life. This great new resource has an entire in depth and informative review of “The Best Natural Deodorants.” Head over to to check it out and learn about the other top picks besides Schmidt’s and why they choose the products that make it to the top of their list. Not to deviate from the topic of natural deodorant, but they also have a slew of other products that they have reviewed. After I write this post I have an article on “The Best Probiotic Supplements” that I just saw. The nerd in me is so happy!
So if you like the idea of a natural deodorant but don’t know what to get, read the article above to find something that might work for you. If you are the DIY type, then head over to my original post to make your own. Either way, if you want to add something to your morning routine that is healthier for your body and the environment, get your hands, or pits rather on some natural deodorant.
Happy Sweating

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