Thursday, August 10, 2017

How I use Target's Cartwheel App & Ibotta to Save and Earn! Plus a Free Printable

How many of you like to get a good deal when grocery shopping? My guess is everyone! I love the idea of coupons but the coupons that we grew up with are just not practical anymore. I can remember the days when the coupons that came in the Sunday paper were actually useful. These days I can maybe find one or two that I will actually use but even then I have to purchase two or three of the item for the coupon to work. Way too much work and I end up spending more than I would have in the first place. I have found coupons and savings have turned digital. So if you have a smartphone you can still get some serious savings without having to clip coupons!

For me I am all about the Target Cartwheel app plus I recently re-found Ibotta.  If you are not familiar with either of these applications keep reading! I will share how I use these two apps, plus a few other apps that I find useful when it comes to saving and earning rewards.
To keep you motivated here is a visual of my most recent trip to Target:
Special K Protein Bites were on sale for 2 for $5.00. Originally $3.49 so $0.99 off each item. PLUS I had an additional 30% off when I used the Cartwheel App!
Ibotta gave me a $1.00 back for this item and I could redeem up to 2 items per receipt.
Let’s break that down:
Cost Break Down.png
I started using Target’s Cartwheel app in 2015 and since then I have managed to save $143.93 with 191 offers redeemed. I love it! Plus you don’t have to have a smartphone to take advantage. Here are the basics:
  1. Find Offers
    Search for offers by typing in what you are looking for, scrolling through the lists or by using the barcode scanner feature while at the store. The barcode scanner is great because if the item you have scanned does not have an offer but a different brand does then the app will tell you!
  1. Add Offers
    Click the + sign and you are all set!
  1. Get your Savings!
    To redeem the offers that you have added to your list you simply present your barcode at checkout. Target has even made it so that if you don’t have a smartphone you can still redeem offers. Log into your account and print off your barcode and present that at check out.
Target Tip:
Watch for those little red tags on the shelfs that can get you money in your pocket in the form of Target gift cards by simply purchasing a certain number or dollar amount of the products listed.
I have also signed up for the Target REDCard. You have two options for this card, you can get a debit card which you then link directly to your bank account or you can get the credit card. I personally went with the debit card because the last thing I need is a credit card! The REDCard is another great way to save because every time you use the card to make your purchases at Target you get 5% off of your entire purchase (before taxes).
Ibotta allows you to select rebates and then earn cash back for the purchases you make for the rebates selected. I provided a great example above for my recent purchase of Special K Protein Bites.
What to Know:
Min $20.00 to cash out
You can redeem your account balance in the form of gift cards or have the amount transferred to a PayPal or Venmo account.
Ibotta has a great “How to Use Ibotta” section in your Account. The basics are pretty simple though.
  1. Find rebates
  2. Go shopping
  3. Upload your receipt or connect your store loyalty card
  4. Earn cash back!
  5. Bonus: Shop online directly from the app and earn!
Checkout 51
Checkout 51 is the same concept as Ibotta.
What to Know:
Min $20.00 to cash out
You make purchases and upload your receipts or connect your store loyalty card and then earn Cash Back Credits. You can redeem your credits once you reach the minimum cash out amount by either requesting a check or having the amount transferred via third party such as PayPal.
Points system
With Shopkicks you earn points in a variety of ways that you can then redeem for gift cards. Currently to earn $10 instant Target GiftCard you would need 2500 kicks.
What to Know:
There are four ways to earn kicks in a store:
  1. Walkin Kicks – Open the app before you walk into a store and you will earn. When I walked into Target on this last trip I earned 25 points.
  2. Scan Products - A store may have a list of products that you can scan to earn kicks
  3. Purchases – A store may offer kicks for purchases. For example BestBuy was recently offering 2 kicks per $1 spent
  4. Purchasing Products – Like Ibotta and Check 51 you can purchase products and then upload your receipt to receive the number of kicks listed for that item.
There you have it! Great ways to save money and earn money for doing something that you do all the time.
Looking to keep your savings organized so you don’t miss anything. Download my free printable!
Printable Image.png

Happy Saving Jenn

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