Thursday, February 12, 2015

Valentine's Day Art

Our apartment right now is not very pretty. Besides decorating for Christmas I haven't really done any other decorating. It is very hard right now to make anything feel pretty with half of our possessions out in the open and not organized away nicely. We have very very little space in our apartment so I find it very hard to decorate when the flat screen TV box is chilling in the corner of our living room.

The other morning as I was eating breakfast and getting ready for work I decided I needed a little something to make it feel more like Valentine's Day! I had everything that was needed I just needed to put on my thinking cap.

A blank canvas, washi tape, a vinyl cut out and some glitter with mod podge put it all together and you have a cute Valentine's Day art to put on the wall.

I started by wrapping the blank canvas in a cute pink chevron washi tape that I had picked up the day before at Michaels.

After I wrapped the canvas I used my Silhouette Cameo to cut out a fun Valentine's Day scene using vinyl.

After transferring the vinyl to the canvas I used some red glitter and mod podge to make the wing on the bird pop a little.

Glitter can always make a piece feel so much fancier.

I think the final piece will make a great Valentine's Day decoration for years to come. It was quick easy and fun!

Happy Creating

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