Sunday, February 1, 2015

Accountability #1: Weight Loss

If you remember about a week ago I posted my 2015 Goals. To make sure that I achieve my goals I am making my progress semi-public. I wanted to talk a little about what I am going to do to achieve my goals at the beginning of the month and then do a follow up mid-month. This month I am talking about weight loss.

I had touched on why this was particularly important for me this year but let me emphasis it again.

I am getting married in August and we are very fortunate to have our Honeymoon already planned for us. Where are we going? The Cayman Islands! That's right I have to be bikini ready in six months!! Now some people's bikini ready means losing five pounds, my bikini ready means losing 30 pounds. Weight that I have put on since I graduated from school and met my fiance.

Okay lets rewind a minute. I started writing this post and then got a little side tracked. The side track was an empowering video. It made me do a one eighty in my thought process for this months accountability.

If I am not using the word resolution because it has a negative connotation for me then why am I using weight loss!?! Do we ever like to loss something? I think most would say no, except for the one thing. Weight. So instead of loseing weight I am going to change my thinking. I am want to get fit! I want to feel healthy! I want to feel sexy again!

Any one of these phrases feels much more positive and empowering.

What am I going to do about it:

1. I am taking part in a get fit challenge.
2. I am going to start drinking more water. Water is one of the keys to making sure your are healthy.
3. Whole foods not processed!
4. Eating more. This may seem counter intuitive but its not. If you don't eat enough it can make your body go into "hibernation." It thinks that it needs to store fuel for later because it doesn't know when it's going to get its next boost.
5. I am going to do it with a partner! W feels the same way right now about getting healthy and its always better to have someone to encourage you.

There you have it five ways this month of keeping myself on track! By verbalizing them or rather writing them for you to see I have no reason not to stick to them.

What little steps do you do to make your get fit goals achievable?


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