Thursday, January 29, 2015

Valentine's Day Mason Jar Mug

Ahh Valentine's is about two weeks away and I am getting pretty excited. I am not usually a Valentine's person but for some reason all the blog posts about Valentine's projects has really inspired me. W and I decided we would spend the weekend in Flagstaff and go to the Grand Canyon as our Valentine's. Since we won't be around the home front I decided to make it even more special by putting together a Valentine's Day gift basket for the two of us. One of the projects that will be included: Etched Mason Jars!

I was wandering around Michaels looking for goodies to make and put in my basket when I came upon these cute mason jars with handle's. The wheels started rolling and this was the final result. My first attempt at glass etching and I am hooked.

I did a lot of research for tips on getting a nice final product. I am glad I did because these could not have been easier or more fun. As you have heard me ramble on the past few posts I have a Silhouette Cameo. I busted it out again for this project to create the stencil. I just popped into my library and picked out this cute cut file. I cut the image out on re-position-able vinyl.

Tip #1: If you cut your stencil out of vinyl don't use permanent vinyl it will be too hard to pull it off when you are done.

Once the stencil is in place use a paint brush or wooden stick to apply the etching cream. Make sure you put a thick layer on the area you want etched. Make sure you don't get any on parts of the glass you don't want etched.

Tip #2: Make a wide enough box around your stencil so you don't have to worry about getting the etching cream on unwanted areas.

The etching cream I used says to leave it on for one minute. This is one area of my research that I am really glad I read up on. One minute is not nearly long enough to get a good etch. Anywhere between 5-10 minutes is acceptable.

Tip #3: Every few minutes move the etching cream around. The cream naturally has some crystals in it which is normal but having them sit in the same place for the full time will create little blank spots in the etching.

Now you are probably wondering why is the image backwards on one side? Well I actually did it on purpose, I wanted the image to be viewed form the inside. You know when you are drinking and look down you get to read I love you.

So there you have it my first attempt at glass etching! I love these mugs and I see a lot more glass etching projects in my future :)


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