Thursday, January 1, 2015

Green Tea & Coconut Oil Lotion

I must admit that I have had this piece written for quite sometime now. It has been a rough last few months with a few deaths in the family that have taken a toll on not only my mental state but in turn my creativity. I think that there is not a better way to get back into the creative mood then around the holiday season. It was my Grammy's favorite time of the year and mine as well! I am also glad that fate would have it that this particular DIY project of mine got put on the back burner because I was able to provide some more insight.

You will need a few additional items besides coconut oil and green tea:

Cheese Cloth
Double Boiler
Electric Mixer

1 cup Coconut Oil
2 tbs Green Tea (loose)

First set up your double boiler. Combine both the coconut oil and the green tea in your bowl. Allow the oil and tea to simmer for an hour. Remove your bowl from the heat and let the coconut oil cool until almost solid. You want it to be still melted enough to mix.

Using your electric mixer, I have a hand held that works perfect for this, mix for about 5-10 minutes. You want the coconut oil to look like whipped cream. Once it is whipped you can transfer it into a container of your liking. I had a mason jar that was perfect!

Now remember how I said I am glad that I wasn't up to writing this for awhile? Here is why it worked out that I didn't. I live in Arizona, translation hot weather to the rest of the country in the fall months to most of the rest of the country. This type of weather and coconut oil don't always work well together especially for beauty use. The coconut oil is usually in a constant melted state if not stored in a cool area like the fridge.

Whipping the coconut oil helped a little with keeping the oil from melting to a liquid state but was still not in a lotion like consistency that I would have liked. I whipped it a second time for another ten minutes to see what would happen and this incorporated enough air in that I could use it more like a lotion.

So... Lessons learned. If you live in a hot climate you may need to whip this a few times to keep it from constantly being a liquid. If your bathroom doesn't have a lot of ventilation and gets pretty steamy you may still have a problem so keep it somewhere cool. Not the fridge though because then it gets too hard to use as a lotion.

Happy New Year!

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