Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Scavenged Organization

The last week has been really crazy for me. We are in into our busy season at work, my internet has been very spotty and frustrating and it was my birthday on Friday! Sunday rolled around and while W was watching football I fixed a little problem that was driving me crazy with a quick DIY project.

I don't know about anyone else but it drives me crazy how unorganized my bathroom sink can get. The hardest part is the fact that the majority of the things that start living on top of the sink rather than in a drawer or cabinet are used every day. I was fed up with it the other day so I rummaged around the house looking for a nice way of organizing to fix the problem. The result of the scavenger hunt, cute little painted plant pots.

I am pretty sure it took me longer to find the pots in the jumble of my apartment than it did to actually make these. I taped of the bottom inch of the pots and then painted the tops using some left over white paint I had from a previous project (Bedside Lamp Refab). I used an all purpose paint so I did need to apply two coats.

After a quick dry I just peeled the paint off and set them in the bathroom. It looks much better than a box sitting on the counter taking up space and creating an eye sore. A nice quick project to make organizing a little pretty.

Happy Hunting

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