Thursday, August 7, 2014

Thrifty Thursday #3

Filling my car up with gas is something I find to be the biggest strain on my wallet. I budget for it every pay check but its so hard parting with that cash to put into my gas tank. I don't have the opportunity to take the bus or car pool due to my job or I would would be right on that. I decided to do a little investigating for myself and for you to see if there are any little tricks that I can added to my daily commute to work that will help me increase my gas mileage. I have picked out the ones that are the simplest and for me easiest to remember to do while making my way to and from work each day.

Tip #1:
Check the pressure on your tires. The weather effects your tires pressure and when it is not at the optimal psi. Weather has an affect on tire pressure in both cold and hot weather. Any drastic change in the temperature out side can cause a change. Now how does this have an impact on fuel efficiency you ask? When your tires are not at the optimal psi it creates a resistance. The tires don't roll as smoothly making your car to use more fuel to accelerate it forward. Bottom line makes sure your have some good shoes on that vehicle.

Tip #2:
Your not at the Kentucky Derby, the first horse out of the gate at a green light is not the winner. In fact they are the ones losing, fuel efficiency that is. Accelerate at a steady rate when the light turns green. This doesn't mean you have to drive like you have Miss Daisy in the back. Giving your vehicle a good consistent amount of time to reach the posted speed limit is better for your wallet. The person behind you may think you are a little slow but they are not the ones paying for the gas you put in your tank.

Tip #3:
Try not to idle too much. Depending on where you live this may be easier said then done. If you are stuck in traffic at a stop for longer than 30 seconds shift your car into neutral* to allow the transmission to cool down a little.
*for automatic transmission vehicles

These are just a few of the ways that you can help to increase the life of that tank of gas you just put in your car. If you have other tips that you feel are worth sharing let us know.

Happy Saving

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