Monday, August 11, 2014

Green Tea Sugar Scrub

Sounds yummy doesn't it! Although you could eat this lets just stick to its intended use. The best part about making your own products is you know what is going into the product and you can customized it to your liking. Living in an area that you can count on your fingers the number of days there are clouds in the sky means sun exposure all the time. With fair skin I am constantly worrying about burning and sun damage. In need of a good body scrub I found a great way to help with my sun worries and make my skin feel silky smooth. This body scrub is super easy to make and makes your skin feel silky smooth. You probably have all the ingredients in your kitchen to whip up a batch right now.

This scrub uses three ingredients all of which can be found right in one cupboard. Well in our house its one cupboard. You shouldn't have to spend any money to make it and you can go whip up a batch after you read this. Here is what you will need:

1 cup of Granulated Sugar
2 tablespoons of coconut or olive oil
2 tablespoons of green tea

Start by brewing a cup of green tea and let it steep for about 10 minutes. Set aside the eighth of a cup that you will need and then enjoy the rest. While the tea is steeping mix the sugar and oil together first. Make sure you coat all of the sugar with the oil first or else the green tea will melt the sugar. Last but not least add the green tea. If you are using loose leaf a few tea leaves in the scrub will be okay.

Once your ingredients are mixed place your scrub in a mason jar with a lid for easy storage. I like to keep my scrub in the fridge to make sure that it doesn't spoil to fast. I am all about make sure things last as long as they can. No point in wasting money, right. Including the time to brew the tea this scrub took me maybe fifteen minutes.

All of the ingredients in this yummy body scrub have a purpose. The sugar exfoliates your skin, I wouldn't recommend this as a facial scrub though as the sugar granules can be to harsh for the skin on your face. The oil is your moisturizer and the green tea helps reverse any sun damage. If you are looking for a quick absorbing oil go with the coconut oil.

I used this scrub right after I made it and my skin felt amazing. It was nice and smooth and I didn't feel the need to use any coconut oil after I got out of the shower. I like to use it when I shave my legs. The sugar is the exfoliates and then the oil is your alternate to shaving cream! I hope you enjoy this quick and easy addition to your bath tub.

Happy Scrubbing

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