Monday, July 15, 2013

Road Trip Fun

As you may know from a previous post I was moving. The move has occurred and I am in a transition period so I won't have any fun posts for a little while. Sorry :(

I do want to point you towards a few fun things to keep your road trip exciting and organized. First if you are camping don't bother going to the store to get a plastic container to keep all of your toiletries in. Use an old shoe box or two or three. Make a label for each persons name or if there are too many of you just do a boys and girls label. If you want you can go online and find some fun free clip art to add. Tape the label on the box and add everything you need. Its quick easy and once the trip is finished you can just recycle the box. You are organized and no money has been spent!

Second if you are going to a new location check out Roadtrippers. It gives you a great list of places to check out in the area you are going to. Categories include accommodation's, attractions, food, entertainment, history and more. I used it while in TX to find some off beat Route 66 locations. You do create an account but once again its free!

Let me know how your road trip goes!

Happy traveling upcycled divas!!