Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Moving Day!

Moving can be very stressful if you are not organized about the process. I am going to be relocating to AZ in a month and I want the process to be as painless as possible. I have moved in the past but it has always been alone. This move includes two of us and lots more stuff. For this adventure I want to have my boxes as organized as possible and any important documents readily available.

To tackle the box organization I went to pinterest to find inspiration. Happily I did find a few links to some great printables. For my box organization I went to drelynn.com. There is a great Packing Printable. The printable includes an Index page, two large labels and four smaller labels. You have the ability to number boxes, write a detailed list of what is in each box, indicate if the box is fragile and then on the index page give yourself a summary of your boxes. I love it and recommend checking it out. 

To keep my important documents organized I purchased a brightly colored three ring binder. I decided on a lime green 1" binder, if you have a lot you may want to choose a 1.5" or even 2" binder. It is all a personal prefrence. I don't want to make hole punches in anything so I did splurge and purchase the clear protective covers so I can just slip the papers in. For me important documents means anything that has personal information on it or papers that I may need if something were to happen during the move.

The last printable I found is great for those of you moving across town or if you know exactly where you are moving into. I am staying with friends until I am able to find an apartment so some of this printable don't really work for me. Even though I don't get to apply all of the sections that are provided it is still awesome. Check out this fellow blogger Gifts We Use for the free printable that she has provided for Moving Day. I personally love the blank calendar that she has provided check it out Moving Planner.

For all the organizers out there happy packing and enjoy!

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