Saturday, May 25, 2013

Ugly Couch Conquered: The Base

I can be pretty picky when it comes to certain things. Recently my couch got to experience this. My Grammie gave me her couch a few months ago after being sick and having to rearrange her living space. I gladly told her I would give it a new home. The couch however is or was a cream color. As you can imagine over the years it's changed. It needed a little updating. My mom suggested getting a slip cover but I didn't like anything out there. So in the spirit of being a crafty person I decided to make my own. 

After searching the web for a pattern I realized I was just going to have to figure it out myself. Every couch is unique so this makes it hard to have a general slip cover pattern. (Note this is not a quick project) After finding out I couldn't get a pattern I started to look for How To videos. I found a really good series on Expert Village. It gives you a great base on how to go about cutting your fabric with out a pattern. How to estimate how much fabric you will need and if you decided to be fancy how to sew piping. I highly recommend checking it out. 

I decided to make my own pattern just because for me personally I knew it would be easier in the long run. I know someone that works at a school so I got a few pieces of large art paper, the thin kind. My couch is a mirror image of its self, if you look at it as two halves it makes the process easier. All I did was break down my couch into sections and the pieces that had curves or bends (like the front and back of the arm) I made a pattern for. Once you get your pattern you can look for fabric. I went with Duck cloth in two solid colors. One for the base a navy blue and one for the cushions a light periwinkle. If you pick a pattern just make sure you are careful when you sew. You don't want your stripes going every which way. 

For my couch I had 7 different fabric pieces that I cut out.  Once you have cut all of the pieces you can sew! Start with the most intricate area:

For my couch this is the arm. From the arm I then worked my way back, I left the easiest pieces for last. For this couch it meant just sewing a straight line.


I decided to make my cover as two separate halves and keep it this way. For putting it on and off I knew it would be easier. I simply made a clean edge on each half where they would meet and used self adhesive Velcro to keep it together. Once everything is set clean things up, make a nice hem and if your fabric allows iron it. 

The finished product for me was not a fast process. I did have to take things apart a few times but my final product for the base I feel turned out pretty well. 

Stay tuned for the final version with nicely covered cushions. 

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  1. After looking at your blog I have decided to attempt the slip cover you have tried. It looks great I am so tired of using a sheet!!